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Veryfit 2.0 is the official app from Veryfit, a bracelet that helps you track your physical activity at all times, making your life easier by automatically logging your progress when you exercise or simply go about your day.

This app measures simple things, like your daily steps, as well as more complex things, like how much and how well you sleep. You can see everything you've done, how many steps you've taken, how many kilometers you've gone, and the calories you've burned doing which activities simply by looking at your smartphone screen. Besides that, Veryfit 2.0 tracks your sleep so you can check how well you slept and set an appropriate bed time to help you get the best sleep possible.

Another advantage of Veryfit 2.0, besides everything mentioned before, is that it tracks information by day so you can compare your activity from one day to the next and see what you need to improve or how you can make progress. This app will help you stay healthy and exercise without having to make a lot of effort.
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